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This website is a creative outlet that allows me to share past and ongoing interests. Here you will find materials, tools and tutorials for Campaign Development which are useful to anyone. Among these are tutorials for mapping, templates, and much more. Some of my own Golden Era RPG campaign materials are included. 


Here you will find some new and old things I have created for my role playing campaigns over the years. I have long had an interest in what are now classic role playing titles, such as Gangbusters, Original D&D, SpaceQuest, Star Wars. I'm also interested in new Games such as Chimera Basic RPGTM.

I also wrote my own 2d6 OSR Role Playing Game from the SRD using the OGL, Fenris 2d6.


For those of you that like T-Shirts Check out my own designs and a version of the OSR logo at GoblynWear

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This website would not be possible without the kindness and encouragement of Erin D. Smale of The Welsh Piper and I highly recommend a visit to his website!


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